Try these and your email will get opened guaranteed

While the social media platforms are beginning to dominate much of our content efforts, the power of an effective email marketing campaign can never be forgot. Everyone, especially those looking for cool offers, go through their email several times a day which increases the chances of your promotional email to be read by recipient.


However if it is failing to gain desired results, then it’s time to know that there’s something wrong with your email marketing strategy. Using a right premium Magento extension is the first step of the strategy as you don’t want to spend your day typing custom email texts and addresses on your computer. Simply use these tools and sending multiple emails is a matter of few clicks.

The subject line of email is one of the most important parts of email. It encourages your customers to open and read your message. If they don’t want to open it, you’ve pretty much fallen at the first hurdle.

If talk about the general rules of a subject line, it should be short, describe the content and aim to entice the recipient to read more. Remember that every email is your letter to consumer to build a relationship and you don’t want to lose even a single one of them.

Sentence Length

Keep varying the length of your email title to achieve more clicks. After all, you don’t want your every email to look the same. It is estimated that a subject line of email should never be more that 50 characters.

If you can manage to describe everything in a single word, your email is likely to stand out from other emails in the recipients’ inbox, encouraging the customer wanting to know more. Shop and simple phrases that describe the content of your email are best choice. Think simple, or get creative and your email will get more clicks.

Example, an email containing discount could be titles ‘never before offer’ or grab 50% on every purchase.’

Use a Question

Apart from using a short and effective subject line in emails, a question can be a great way to engage your customers. It’s a rule, a question always asks a response and your customers would want to answer it. Make sure that the question relates to the content of the email.

Example, ‘Are these dresses suitable for you?’

Use Numbers

While sending promotional emails via email notification extension, putting a number at the beginning of your subject line will draw attention by the way that it looks. This also ensures consumers that the email will be an easy read and because no one wants to spend a long time reading through an email content, sorting the entire message into a numbered list will help customers get what they want from the email quickly. It’s a best suitable format for customers, reading email on mobile devices.

Example, 5 tips to save on every purchase.

No Spam Allowed

There’s a rule of emailing that not many people know. Certain words will put your email in the junk box. This means your customers won’t even see your email. If the rating is at a certain number then it will be automatically marked as junk. Try avoiding any terms or subject that appear very sales like. The words like ‘click here’ are simply avoidable and don’t capitalize entire sentences just to make it look attractive.

Example, ‘CLICK HERE FOR FREE IPAD!” this is surely going to be sent to junk.

Target Language

If your email is in the same language that reader speaks, then there are more chances of getting a click for sure. Try using multilingual email template Magento extensions for easily sending multiple emails in the local language of your customers without putting extra efforts.

If used strategically email marketing can incredibly change your market value and increase customer base in a great way. Build that relationship with your customers and they’ll keep coming back for more at your online shopping store.


‘Click-To-Close’ Approach Turns The PPC Account Into a Blockbuster

Getting your website on the top of Search engines vial Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies is one of the most important business success plan. But don’t forget to about search engine marketing too. Today Google AdWords campaigns (Pay-Per-Click) are among the quickest ways to drive traffic and generate more leads and sales.


While PPC campaigns are great way to attract more visitors to your business, but it is always dependent on someone to actually make the sale. After all, your buyers don’t pay you for the way the ad is designed, but they pay for the products purchased from your eCommerce store. For some companies the sale depends on a good sales team while for others the sale happens on a landing page.

Regardless of how final sale happens, PPC is can be called the most effective when it is designed strategically by an expert. Here we’ve listed some tips and tricks for you to more effectively produce sales using a right PPC campaign.

Quality vs. Quantity

Ask any sales professional “Is it better to have more leads or better qualified leads?” and they’ll tell you they want more leads. But at the same time, they also want better leads. A professional in PPC management is always focused on lead volume because it’s their job to get people in the door and not to get them to buy from your store.

But remember, a great Google AdWords campaign doesn’t generate leads, it generates sales.

For better returns to your investment in PPC advertising, it’s pertinent to determine what the right blend of quality and quantity is for your business. A perfect blend of these two brings guaranteed business growth.

Set Yourself Up For Success

So, what’s a great idea in turning almost every lead into a sale? Here are a few opportunities to consider:

Market Search Intent Everywhere

Professionals create sales-focused ads to accomplish a very specific goal – More leads and sales. While the goals may vary depending upon your industry and where in the sales funnel you are targeting your audience. However, your ads need to be designed with the specific goals in mind.

Remember that limiting your keywords and then writing your ad copy actually produces more sales. For example, the bigger your keyword list, the harder it becomes to match your ad copy to the intent search on search engine that triggered your ad.

The landing page where your ad is going to take the visitor should also reflect that intent that triggered the ad and earned you the click. If the landing page isn’t offering what they visitor searched on Google, they’ll better love to leave the page saying,” Oh this is something different to what I clicked on the previous page.”

So, if you want the broader exposure, let the professional SEO service provider handle the tough task. These professionals write your ad copy to filter out as many as irrelevant clicks as possible.

Nurture Your Leads

For better business growth and get the most out of your PPC campaign, learn how to nurture the leads as they can dramatically increase the profitability of your PPC efforts. Make them feel special. If possible, offer some discount!

Experts claim that online eCommerce companies are extrovert and buyers are introverts. Hence, they take time to warm up to a sale.

Simply drop an email to their inbox for those leads that take their time as it can set you up for a lot of extra sales. Look for premium Magento extensions to drop emails for these leads as the modules come at quite an affordable cost. So you see, there isn’t really any good excuse for not having some sort of lead nurturing program.

The Wrap Up

In case you’ve scrolled straight to the bottom just to get the gist, let me tell you that the ultimate goal of PPC marketing campaign is to generate leads and turn them into sales. So, if you are not improving your strategy, you’re not going in the right direction. Look at marketing and sales as two parts of a cohesive whole in order to set up a sales-oriented campaign.

This might take time, but this approach can turn your mediocre PPC account into a blockbuster.

Add Multiple Products to Cart Extension for Better Shopping Experience

Magento has emerged as a dominant player in the online shopping marketplace for both entry level and enterprise level retailers. It’s the unbeatable performance and flexibility that most people prefer Magento as their preferred platform. The most appealing aspect of this platform is the availability of Premium Magento Extensions that bring great functionality to your store.


It’s good to go for the modules as the core functionality of Magento is sometimes not enough to run a successful eCommerce business. The competition is harder than ever before and hence to increase your conversion rate and deliver a better shoppers’ experience, you need additional features.
Here we have gathered what we believe to be the best add to cart Magento extensions available:

Ajax Add to Cart with Floating Effect

This Magento module adds an Ajax add to cart functionality to your online shopping store that too with an appealing product flying effect. It makes shopping an easy process where customers can simply browse through products at catalog page and hit “Add to Cart” button. This extension saves a lot of your consumers’ time, making shopping experience fun and simpler.

Ajax Add to Cart with Floating Effect is especially convenient for those who need to make large purchases.

Key Features

  • Customers can add products to cart direct from category page listing
  • Better user interface and interaction
  • Flying product image adds beauty to the store
  • Equipped with Ajax effect technology
  • Fully responsive to work great on compact devices
  • Developed using Magento Core Libraries and makes customization easy

Add Multiple Products for Custom Options & Configurable Products

It allows online buyers to add one or more products to cart with a single click from category or product listing page itself. Online buyers are free to add multiple products to cart from different categories (Simple, Configurable, and Custom Options Products). Also this allows buyers to add multiple products to cart from Cross Sells and Upsells product list.

Add Multiple Products for Custom Options & Configurable Products is an excellent sales booster, allowing consumers to enjoy the comfort of adding multiple products to cart while customizing the quantity according to their needs. It saves time required to travel through several trips to various pages when they select products to make purchases.

Key Features

  • Add multiple products to cart with custom options
  • Single click add to cart button added on product listing and product page
  • Option available to define product quantity from category page itself
  • Add products from Up Sells & Cross Sales

Add Multiple Products to Cart

This is another great extension available to make shopping fun for the online buyers by allowing them to add one or more products to cart with a single click and save a lot of time. What’s great about this extension is that consumers can define each product’s quantity at the same time as well. With Add Multiple Products to Cart Magento Extension, shoppers can do purchase multiple products at a single time from one category.
Customers can add multiple products to cart simply using the checkbox that is available with each product listed at your store.

Key Features

  • Select multiple Products to cart using checkbox with each product
  • Select one or more products to cart
  • Select all products available in a particular category
  • Customers can set quantity of products on product listing page
  • Creates a checkbox with each product
  • Enhanced User Shopping Experience
  • Makes the store visually appealing and engage more customers

Best Magento Search Modules to Boost Your Sales

If you run a large Magento eCommerce store, you definitely understand the efforts that consumers have to put to find something they require very fast. Default search option can be a time-consuming option and hence you must provide them with something amazing and that performs faster than the light. Integrating premium Magento extensions is a perfect solution for search through Magento-based stores.


A smart merchant should always be reducing the time required to find and purchase products at the store using a smooth-functioning navigation and customizes checkout process. The easier you make it to the consumers to search products, the more consumers will visit to get something new.

Make sure that you make it easy for the buyers to get everything within just a few seconds.
Emagezone is glad to announce the perfect solution to your needs. Our Magento extensions help customers find products with an option to display product thumbnail with text description as well. Check out our range of eCommerce modules to make the searching a matter of few seconds.

Enhanced Ajax Autocomplete Search

This extension will surely power-up your Magento store with the advanced default search feature by adding advanced autocomplete search functionality. Powered by Ajax, this extension incorporates advanced search feature to make searching a lot more fruitful, easier and hassle-free. This extension starts looking for related products with the minimal characters in the search box.

Consumers can choose the products that they intend to search from options displayed in the same place. If you are having more than 500 products at your store, then this is a solution for you, allowing consumers to search products the easiest way possible. Store admin can easily configure the module from the admin panel of the store.


  • Ajax autocomplete functionality
  • Search in a particular category
  • More than 1000 products can be displayed in search results
  • Minimum characters required to show search suggestions
  • Results sorted by field
  • Search results with product image

Quick Search By Brands

For some online buyers, it’s all about the brand they trust upon. This means, they just want to make purchase from their reliable brands and hence they don’t want to explore the products other than that particular brand. Quick Search Brand is the most advanced Magento extension, allowing online buyers to check all the products on the basis of specific brands. One alphabetic search bar is displayed below top of the navigation bar from where customers can sort all the available brands alphabetically.
This cuts the hassle that online buyers may be undergoing while shopping for a particular product from their reliable brand by allowing them to access a wide range of shopping websites in a short duration.


  • Search products by brand
  • Alphabetic search option created below the top navigation bar
  • All brands sorted alphabetically
  • Customers navigate through all brands at once
  • Brand identification made easy
  • Saves time & efforts

Quick Alphabetical Search

Online buyers just hate to spend time and efforts required to for searching through long list of products available on the eCommerce stores to find that they’re looking for. If your store is unable to provide them a smooth navigation and search experience, you’re likely to lose the potential buyer and this is where Quick Alphabetical Search comes into the picture.

This extension adds an alphabetical search bar below the top navigation bar of the store. This serves as a great tool to provide consumers a better user experience and make shopping fun for them. Buyers can click on the alphabets and browse through the available products on store.


  • Search products alphabetically
  • Alphabetic search bar created
  • Completely customizable
  • Set font color
  • Compatible with latest Magento
  • Enhanced user experience

Once you’ve selected the Magento search extension that fits your business requirements, the next step is simple – purchase and install it. If you are unable to install if yourself, let the experts handle the technical task and they’ll do everything for you.