Grow Your Sales With Magento Color Swatch Extension

Item Specification of Magento Color Swatch Extension

Are you offering items with various hues or outlines on your Magento Store? Magento Color Swatch Extension with Zoom will enable your clients to see how items can be taken a gander at varieties. You basically dole out any picture from a display with each character and actuate picture switcher on the item detail page.

colo swatch


Magento Color Swatch Extension will bring for your site and in addition your client numerous advantages as underneath:

Gives you a chance to make swatches for configurable item choices (shading, material, make) and show the correct perspective of your items in two or three ticks.

Utilize pictures for characteristics determination: enable your client to envision how your item will look in changed hues, examples or plans.

Shading Swatch changes the item pictures and costs and also the more perspectives pictures relying upon the swatch determination. Along these lines, you client settle on your buy choice speedier.

Simple to introduce and use for both administrator and clients.


With clients, it is anything but difficult to see a video they need with some straightforward strides beneath:

Stage 1: Go to item detail that you need.

Stage 2: Select shading through clicking thumbnail picture in field “Shading”. The framework will stack fitting size and in addition to cost for each size.

Stage 3: Select shading, size and fill quality. At that point, you tap on catch “Add to truck”.

Stage 4: Implement checkout process.


In the event that shop proprietor have a little learning about innovation, simply take after 6 stages underneath to perceive how it functions effectively

Stage 1: Install as a client manage.

Stage 2: Create Attribute (Example: Size and Color): In administrator board, go to Catalog – > Attributes – > Manage Attribute – > look Attribute Code: shading, at that point snap to alter. At Edit Product Attribute “Shading”, click Manage Label/Options, and afterward click Add Option. Fill the name of the alternative. Case: Red, Blue, Green…After making property shading, you make characteristic size.

Stage 3: Create Attribute Set: Go to Catalog – > Attributes – > Manage Attributes Set – > Click Add New Attribute Set – > fill the name of characteristic set and base on: pick Default – > Save Attribute Set. Keep altering Product Attribute Set, at Groups click Add New at that point fill name of the new gathering (case: Attribute Set), click OK. In the wake of making another gathering, drag quality Color and Size at Unassigned Attributes into another gathering. At that point click Save Attribute Set.

Stage 4: Create Product: At Admin Panel. Go to Catalog – > Manage Products – > Add item (Configurable Product). You fill data in all tabs as the client control.

Stage 5: Configure augmentation: In administrator board, you tap on System – > Configuration – > Color Swatch and Zoom, and setting something here. Recollecting Save Configure after each change.

Stage 6: Go to front-end to see changes.

color swatch 5.gif

Fundamental FEATURES

Utilized for some, item qualities:

Magento Color Swatch demonstrates properties of items utilizing swatches on configurable items. It’s ready to be utilized for any quality sort, for example, shading, size, and thumbnail pictures.

Work with various item writes:

Magento Color Swatch functions admirably with configurable ones. Swatch alternatives for items’ pictures and thumbnails can be tweaked in the back end. The interface and backend settings are easy to use and a standard Magento UI.

Different Swatch Statuses:

Magento Color Swatch augmentation with zoom enables overseers to apply numerous ascribes to a solitary item which has diverse swatch pictures. It’s conceivable to set up swatch pictures for any status like ordinary, drift, empowered or debilitated in Magento Admin Panel.

Utilize pictures for choosing qualities:

Let your clients see the last form of the item they are purchasing to decrease the profits coming about because of client dissatisfaction. Clients can choose picture traits as much as they need to see distinctive variations of the item, they can zoom pictures and inevitably pick what they like.

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Best Ways to Refine Ecommerce Site Search for Quicker Product Finds

The calculation is simple – If they can’t find it, they can’t buy it.

We are living in the busiest era of human world where no one has the time to surf through thousands of products listed on websites for the entire day, hoping to find what they’re looking for. It is, hence important for the online shopping website owners to make it as seamless experience as walking into a restaurant and ordering a dish and will leave.

So, how do you do that? We spent time on identifying the best Magento2 extensions to make shopping easier and better for the buyers, while making it a convenient for the retailers too.

Some of the top extensions include:

Mega Menu Magento Extension

This is a customizable Magento extension, designed to give a brief description of your shopping website within the top navigation section. It is easier for the admin to display featured products, categories and customize the appearance easily. This extension aims at improving the overall website navigation in a professional way. Mega Menu Magento extension displays all the product related information flexibly while optimizing the website’s navigation performance.

mega menu


  • Customize menu with header, footer, featured layout, and main content.
  • Change active menu color, menu color, text label, font size etc.
  • Seven different categories available to classify all products professionally.
  • Responsive design for a seamless experience on compact devices.
  • Admin can easily sort orders of menu items.

Quick Search By Brands Magento Extension

This extension is designed to offer flexible search functionality to make buying easier for shoppers. The Magento shop by brand extension works by creating an alphabetical bar below the main search bar and all the available brand names are listed under the menu in an alphabetical manner. This makes available multiple brands on a single page. The extension comes with a hover effect, allowing shoppers to explore all brands simply by hovering the cursor over an alphabet.

quick search by brands


  • A new alphabetical search bar is created just below the main navigation bar.
  • All brands listed alphabetically in a professional way.
  • Shoppers can explore products listed under the particular alphabet.
  • Hover effect to make the product-search an easier process.
  • Responsive design to help Magento 2 shop by brand work faster.

Auto Complete Search Magento Extension

In addition to the advanced search functionalities, some shoppers still prefer using the default search bar by providing product name. This extension targets the similar shoppers while making the product search a bit comfortable as they can get name suggestions simply by providing a few first letters of the product. The extension allows store admins to make the search functionality on store more fruitful, hassle-free and comfortable as shoppers can search products from the first 3 letters entered in the search bar. Using this Magento extension, shopper can then choose the relevant product from the displayed options in the same place.

quick alpha search



  • Ajax Autocomplete functionality to display results instantly as they start typing.
  • Search in a particular category functionality allows shoppers to search products from a particular category.
  • Set the number of products to be displayed in the product search.
  • Set minimum characters required to show search suggestions.
  • Shoppers can search products according to product attributes – Price, Name, SKU Codes, etc.
  • Product images displayed with product descriptions.


Amazing Ways To Increase Customer Trust

Trust plays a vital role in the successful career of your online shopping business and helps increase your conversion rate. Building a level of trust with your customers is vital as they’re going to buy from a brand that they know from their desktop of mobile device only. And because there’s no shortcut to making this work, it takes time and patience.

Making shopping convenient with Magento extensions and delivering quality products are some very important factors of making buyers believe on your brand along with some other crucial factors.


First, understand that eCommerce acquires a lot of data. Keep things simple when gathering information while asking visitors to sign-up for newsletter or profile creation like name, email address etc. However, many retailers are collecting further data, such as birthdays and location. During the checkout process, more personal details may be required such as address, delivery address, card details, security number, email address, even a phone number for delivery.

One thing I would like to as, do your customers know where you live or when is your birthday? It’s extreme thinking, however, it puts into perspective the level of trust that may be needs to purchase from a new brand. Achieving your customers’ trust, and more importantly, retaining it should be your top priority when running an eCommerce business.

Here’s how to make it, not break it.

Everyone Is a Representative

When it comes to your brand standards and how to represent your company to global market, all of the operation, every moving piece, should be equal and on the same page. Right from the customer sales representative to manufacturer, to the delivery person, everyone is a representative to your brand. If there is a problem, it is your name on the line. Make sure your brand delivers the best value to clients.

Customer Service

Your customer service team is your front line of defense. They serve as your brand ambassadors for your clients are going to communicate with them as your brand. Hire customer representatives intelligently and treat them well. Along with integrating premium Magento extensions for chat feature, hire great brand ambassadors who are great at client handling and also believe your product who want to help, not just the customers, but you and your business.

Endorsements & Reviews Are Vital

92% of online buyers, including me, believe in first reading consumer reviews and then make a purchase. A website with no reviews from consumers give no backing to a purchase decision. Once the product is delivered, request consumers to post feedback on your store. This also helps take care of the loopholes and do let them know that you’re taking their feedback as helping hand. Remember, your customers are your best form of marketing. If 5 people recommend your brand to someone then they are likely to try it out. Over 68% of purchasers agree that online reviews impact their decisions.

A Safe Place To Pay

Secure payment checkout design can be half the battle of eCommerce purchases. Make available one-step checkout extensions to offer clients a clear and concise checkout procedure. Checkout process may be tiresome with default Magento setting, so make sure to integrate some modules that also make payment a secure process. With a safe payment process, consumers are no longer afraid to provide their credit or debit card details. Make sure you have an SSL certificate and gain certification from companies such as Norton, Truste, and