Launch Effective Loyalty Program With Magento Rewards Point Extension

rewards point magento extension

Having a connecting with web composition, great scope of items and simple checkout process are insufficient to influence the computerized purchaser to rave about the e-store today. Online customers require something notwithstanding the accommodation and item run. Propelling a faithfulness program can be the best decision any site proprietor can make to develop the client base and connect with the current clients. Presently every eCommerce site proprietor comprehends the advantages of the devotion program, however, they may not know how to dispatch a compelling one.

Utilizing the premium Magento extension is the most straightforward approach to dispatch your own dedication program to draw more customers and keep them connected for more.

Propel Reward Points Extension for Magento

Magento Reward Points Extension is the best answer for eCommerce store proprietors to compensate their current and new clients for the activities they do online, for example,

• Product Purchases

• Product Comments

• Newsletter Subscriptions

• Referring

• Registrations, and so on.

It helps increment client faithfulness and pulls in new clients.

By executing reward focuses on your Magento site gives customers a chance to procure focuses that can be spent on future buys. Customers can wilt utilize these focuses on rebates or free things at the site. Store proprietor can without much of a stretch customize the reward focuses relying on clients’ shopping propensities too.

The more activity they do on your site, the more reward focuses they acquire, which implies more deals and returning guests for the site. Specialists guarantee the clients who get free reward indicates are likely invest more energy in a similar site since they are being remunerated for their activities. What’s more, they are likewise prone to get the message out about how incredible your reward point framework is.

rewards point magento extension

Features Of Magento Reward Points Extension:

Modify Loyalty Program

This is an adjustable Magento Rewards Point Extension, permitting store proprietors to set their own principles of steadfastness program. Store proprietor can characterize the activities that give online customers a chance to acquire compensate focuses, for example, the principles to reclaim the reward focuses, adaptability rules and so forth to prompts the purchasers to spend more on your site.

Reward Multiple Actions

Customers not just need to gain rewards for the item buys, yet additionally on different activities they do online, for example, item audits, memberships as they cherish saving money on item buys. Also, this augmentation gives them a chance to gain remunerate focuses on different activities like item buys, item surveys, alluding to companions, pamphlet memberships, enrollment, and so forth.

Recover Reward Points

The earned prizes can be utilized as a part of various courses on a similar site. Each time your guests enjoy diverse activities on the store, remunerate indicates are credited their online record, which can be utilized for future buys. They can either shop or pay to utilize the reward focuses on the web.

Track compensate Points

Not simply clients can acquire increasingly remunerate focuses on the web, yet additionally, they know everything about reward focuses they’ve earned. They can see the focuses crosswise over pages like installment page, shopping basket page, enlistment page, and so on.

Offer Points

Once in a while customers might not have any desire to purchase items from a store any longer. In such conditions, the reward focuses can be imparted to their companions, bringing about more new guests and deals as more individuals will visit your store to utilize this reward focuses on item buys.

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Grow Sales Exponentially With Gifting Reminders Functionality in Magento2


Personal connections with loved ones (friends & family) among the most important things in our lives. However, there are times when we forget about the special events that are very much important in their lives for example birthdays, anniversaries. Missing a wish on such occasions can be really embarrassing. And since your visitors are very much important to you, Softprodigy would like to bring to you a Magento2 extension that not just makes shopping fun, but also add a great ease to their lives.

Gifting Reminders for Magento2

This is a unique Magento2 extension, prepared by the expert Magento certified developers to make your visitors feel special and keep them engaged to your store. This extension allows your online visitors to get notified regarding the special events a few days before the special date approaches. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding ceremony or anniversary, your visitors never miss on wising their loved ones as this extension will send automatic email notification to their registered email address regarding the event.

The customized email notification is sent on the desired time and day of the registered user so they are surely informed about the big day.

How it Works?

Gifting Reminders for Magento2 is an advanced extension that works towards growing your brand presence and customer base while retaining the existing customers by informing them about the important events. They receive the email notification and can click on the email to make required changes in the event or to delete it. Along with sending notification, this extension also sends customized greeting card to the concerned person.

The process is simple – visitor will visit your store, set a reminder for special event and this extension will send automatic reminders via emails. Also, this extension will help make your store different to others as visitors enjoy added benefits that encourage them to keep coming back to your store for more.


Save Important Dates & Get Notified

This Magento 2 gift card extension allows online shoppers to set reminders for the special events such as anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Once the reminders are set, the extension will send automatic notifications about the event in advance to help them stay prepared for the big day.

Custom Time & Day for Notification

After the important date notification has been set, this extension gives buyers the option to set best time and day for the notification. This ensures them about being notified about the event as emails are sent on the best time of the day or night.

Send Greetings

Along with allowing visitors to send email notifications regarding the special events, this extension also offers an opportunity for them to send customized greetings to their loved ones via email. It makes users feel special and keep coming back to the store.

Edit & Delete Events

After the important dates are set at front-end, visitors can easily edit or delete the events too with this Magento 2 gift card extension. In order to modify the events or delete them, visitors need to login using the same credentials and them make changes.

Top 3 Magento Extensions for Post-Holiday eCommerce Sales


After holiday can traditionally be a lull point for online retailers. With people done with gifting something to their friends and parents looking towards springs, online shopping stores are at a loss and wondering how to drive more sales in January and February. With buyers having no interest in grabbing those attractive offers, how do you entice them to make purchase from your store?

The Magento extensions market is quickly filling up with optimizations, enhancements, and upgrades for online retailers, aiming to help them promote their products in the most amazing way possible to make them buy. With hours of research and consultation from the e-retailers we’ve compiled a list of top three Magento modules to drive sales during the post-holiday lull.

Auto Re-order:

Coming from seller’s perspective, while retaining online buyer’s perspective, we love it when we can easily place order the entire cart products that we’ve recently purchased through the online shopping website. Auto Reorder Magento Extension makes the whole process, allowing online buyers to save a lot of their time on order placement of the products they’ve recently purchased. They can simply choose to click on the ‘Reorder’ button to place order.

Auto Re-order Features:

  • One-click option to place order to whole cart
  • Place order to receive products daily, weekly or monthly
  • Store admin can check orders placed through ‘reorder’ feature
  • Admin is allowed to set reorder rules
  • Cron job runs daily to check reorders

Bulk Orders:

For the wholesale product sellers, festival is never end as they’re always in demand and retailers are always buying something from them. Going through the same order placement process (visit website, explore products, add to cart and then make payment) can be a hectic task for the buyers who’re looking for bulk products. It is always good to make the process easier for them and Upload CSV For Bulk Order Magento Extension makes the process all-time easy.

Order placement is just a few-click process as buyers can simply upload the CSV file to create cart and then proceed to pay for order. The CSV file includes all the required product details such as SKU codes, quantity, etc.

Bulk Order Features:

  • Shoppers can purchase large number of products using a simplified method
  • Website admin can easily change the CSV header titles from backend
  • Shoppers are provided with a separate page to upload CSV file
  • Shoppers must get registered to have access to their cart page
  • Supports back order for better shopping experience
  • Enable or disable the extension from back-end

Mobile App Builder:

Festivals may be over, but it’s always good to give your buyers a reason to visit your store again and again. Mobile App Builder turns your web shop into a fully-functional and native mobile app, allowing your shoppers to explore your products with ease.

This module is not only beneficial for marketing and brand awareness purpose, but also to promote your latest products, events, offers and to entice shoppers have a look at what’s hot at your store that too with just a single click through a Magento mobile app.

Mobile App Builder Features:

  • Your mobile app comes with your own Brand Name and Logo
  • Native mobile app designed by expert professionals
  • Pre-installed payment gateways including PayPal, PayU, Cash on Delivery
  • Change app color from backend to match with website theme
  • Send push notifications for orders, abandoned carts or events
  • Set multiple slide banners at the home page with custom link
  • Supports all types of Magento Products
  • Login through social media platforms
  • Home Page Layout Customization
  • Google Analytics & Product Sharing

Know How ILMS helps take learning to next level of success

The market of e-learning is growing steadily. The benefits of interactive learning is so great that the market is expected to register a compound annual growth rate of 11.41% between 2016 and 2016. The industry is likely to touch the USD 31 billion by the end of 2020 and the whole credit goes to the Interactive Learning Management System Magento software.

Wondering how educational institutes, corporate sectors, and other industries can make the best use of the technology-enabled learning format? What it takes to manage and deliver online courses effectively? All you need is a flawless online course management system (CMS).

This highly advanced and appealing module helps teaching professionals to store and manage course materials in a seamless, effective manner while providing demo classes to those who are willing to join their sessions. CMSs allow users with appropriate permissions to view and edit learning content. The module also come with enhanced learning management capabilities that enable firms to assess learners online, track learner progress, and generate reports to evaluate the effectiveness of training.

Interactive Learning Management System Magento Module (ILMS) is one of the most widely used Extension by nearly 100+ teaching professionals and institutions, which is powered with various features.


Manage courses online in a cost-effective manner
ILMS is the most advanced learning system available, for which you need not to pay any licensing fees to manage your courses online. It is an open-source software application that doesn’t impost any restrictions on access to its code and don’t charge users if they use their platform for non-commercial purposes. It comes with an ability to manage unlimited online course management that makes it quite an affordable and cost-effective solution compared to other proprietary CMSs. Because this is simply a plug-and-play solution, it also eliminates the cost of hiring a developer for installation and customize it.

You get a user guide that can be used to follow the simple steps for set up. If there’s a trouble in installation, get in touch with the experts.

Meet the needs of growing businesses
As your business grow, so does grow the number of your learners. And ILMS makes it possible for you to handle unlimited courses and make them available to countless learners at the same time. ILMS is highly scalable and goes a long way in meeting your course management needs. It is suitable for educational organizations of all sizes, with learner populations ranging from a few dozen to more than one million.

Various features to perform advanced functions
With the ILMS module, sky is the limit when you talk about the features. Whether it’s about selecting favorite tutor for students, managing programs online, online payment, live video sessions, demo classes, email notifications and a lot more, everything is possible with this. It’s not just any other Magento Extension, but a complete solution for eLearning platforms, allowing educational institutes to deliver seamless learning experience to the candidates regardless of their geographical locations.

Manage courses like a pro
As mentioned above, Interactive Learning Management System comes without any course limitations and there are countless features integrated that make it a must have for any e-learning platform. It allows admin to create unlimited courses and everything that may be required for grading, assessments, reporting, payments, and student-instructor management. It makes available everything you would expect from a complete learning module.

A CMS goes a long way in managing online courses effectively and the ILMS is the next level of what you had previously in the bag. It lets you maximize the ROI on training with capabilities that are beyond comparison to any other solution available in the Magento marketplace for e-learning industry.